Product Experience Designer

The other day, I was still a student playing with Kinect and researching into Computer Vision, and was picturing the world with all these intelligent, immersive technologies. I was thrilled with the idea to explore how people interact with digital devices or technologies when they are built into products that are around the corner. Then I found UX - where I could marry my curiosity of human behavior and empathy, my pursuit of aesthetics and an understanding of engineering. And voilà.

I uncover problems and solve them, helping people create better products and services that are   smartly simple elegantly fun bringing you a

  Yue Chen

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Hi there!

This is Yue.

Graduated from master's program at University of Michigan specialized in HCI(Human-Computer Interaction), I am a UX designer with a dedicated focus of user-centered design for technologies. Currently I reside in greater New York area. and I am actively seeking an amazing team to work with!

My favourite Latin word is "carpe diem", and my favorite English word might be "Free Wi-fi". If I am not doing design, I am a freelance dancer when no one's watching.

I design. I code. I ❤ UX.